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Experienced Piano Tuning Specialist in Northern Ireland

The Piano Doctor provides a five-star piano tuning service in Northern Ireland and counties Monaghan, Louth and Donegal. If you are in need of a professional to tune your piano, contact The Piano Doctor today, by calling 028 9581 0310 or 07763 751 58 or fill out the contact form to enquire by email.

Professional Piano Tuning Service

If you have a piano for personal or professional use, it is extremely important to arrange for it to be tuned regularly by a qualified piano tuner. The environment in which you keep your piano, its age and how frequently it is played can all have an effect on the tuning.

Mark has developed an array of knowledge over his many years of experience, tuning different styles and makes of pianos, including Steinway, Bechstein, Blüthner, Yamaha and Kawai. Mark also offers expert advice on piano tuning, and any repairs that your piano may need.

What is piano tuning?

Piano tuning is the adjustment of the tuning pins so that all of the strings are of the proper tension (pitch), to have the correct sounding musical intervals. In most cases a piano should be kept at A=440Hz – the internationally recognised pitch called “concert pitch”.

If you require further information on having your piano tuned, please see our FAQs or contact Mark today with your enquiry.

Why should you get your piano tuned?

There are numerous reasons why a piano goes out of tune such as extensive use, lack of use, variable temperature and humidity. Factors such as frequent humidity and temperature changes within the piano’s environment are what knock the piano out of tune the most. If a piano is uncared for, for example it is left from one season to another without tuning, it is likely that the pitch will be considerably lower than it was originally. In order for your piano to maintain its tuning stability it is imperative that it be tuned regularly (at least once per year! (twice per year for more heavily played pianos)). Failure to do so will most likely result in the instrument becoming too unstable to hold its pitch/tuning, which will in turn result in the necessity to have it tuned more frequently for a while to correct this instability.

The Piano Doctor also offers a comprehensive piano repairs service, piano regulation service and more. Mark is available for expert help and advice in Northern Ireland and counties Monaghan, Louth and Donegal. To arrange for your piano to be tuned contact The Piano Doctor by calling 028 9581 0310 or 07763 751 581.

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The workmanship is first rate, and attention to detail would be unrivalled in their field. It has been a pleasure to have Mark on the books for the past 15 years and look forward to working with him in the future...

Conor DrummondOwner, Drummond Reid Pianos

Thank you so much for tuning our new Grand piano recently. Your promptness and attention to detail were greatly appreciated.

Tim Howe, Lisburn

I am very happy to recommend The Piano Doctor to all my students. They have done wonderful work on both of my pianos, one of which was given up as a lost cause and they restored it to its former glory with painstaking thoroughness, as always. They work with great attention to detail, and the results are always tremendous. Thank you!

Ruth Caughers, BangorIndependant Piano Teacher

Connor tuned our piano today. He did a wonderful job - sounds amazing!! Thank you, Piano Doctor guys!!!

Orla, Banbridge