Piano Restoration

Restoring Pianos for a Longer Life


Mark McKeown

MA - BMus - DipPT - CPT

Mark & Connor at The Piano Doctor Ltd have the experience and care to restore your treasured piano for a longer life. Bringing a valued piano back to near original condition is a responsibility that they take very seriously. Many pianos are family treasures and have been passed down from generation to generation. As with any careful restoration, it does take time to complete – so wherever you are in Northern Ireland, Mark can arrange for the collection and return of your piano for your convenience. If you would like your piano fully restoring, call The Piano Doctor today on 028 9581 0310 or 07763 751 581.

Piano Restoration Can Include

Soundboard repairs

The soundboard is an important and integral part of the piano. The resonance of the soundboard is a major governing factor of the tonal quality of the instrument.

Complete re-string

Completely re-stringing a piano is fairly lengthy and involved process. A piano has between 220 and 240 strings (depending on the make and model of piano) and once these are all loosened, each of their diameters must be measured – individually and accurately. When that is done, they will be removed, discarded and replaced by a new set of strings of the exact same length and diameter. When they are all tightened, the piano needs to be tuned anywhere between 8 and 10 times in quick succession as the new piano wire stretches out of tune very quickly. The final processes include seating the dampers in the new strings and levelling & squaring the hammers. Because of these in-depth processes, re-stringing generally falls into the ‘Restoration’ category.

Pinblock replacements

Pianos are tuned by turning tuning pins, and each tuning pin is mounted in a block of wood called the pinblock. Pinblocks are extremely important as they grip and turn pins tightly so the piano doesn’t go out of tune.

Cabinet refinishes & French polishing

Over time, damage to your piano is inevitable, from knocks and bangs, direct sunlight, temperature changes and more. Whether your piano is suffering from cracks and splits or faded colour, this can significantly affect the appearance. French polishing your instrument can drastically improve the aesthetic beauty of your instrument. Cabinet restoration or piano refinishing refers to the exterior non-mechanical part of a piano where wood finishing and repair is usually addressed.

Replacement hammer sets

It is often desirable to recondition existing hammers as this is a much cheaper option. But sometimes this is not possible, or it is more desirable to have a complete set of new hammers fitted – for example, if you are a very advanced pianist or have a very valuable piano which receives a lot of playing. If you have concerns about your piano hammers, Mark will happily call out to have a look at them, and then discuss the possible options with you in a relaxed and friendly manner – there will be no pressure on you to chose one option or another, only advice and guidance and the final choice is 100% up to you.

Replacing tapes, springs, felts and cloths 

All parts of a well-played piano will become subject to some wear. Over time and use parts such as felts, springs and tapes will need replacing.

The Piano Doctor provides a piano restoration service in Northern Ireland and counties Monaghan, Louth and Donegal. To discuss your requirements call Mark on 028 9581 0310 or 07763 751 581, or fill out the contact form and he will get back to you.

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