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Reliable & Honest Piano Repair Service in Northern Ireland

Is your piano in need of repairs? Mark and Curt at The Piano Doctor Ltd can repair all kinds of pianos. Specialists in their field, with decades of experience, you can guarantee your piano is in safe hands. To discuss your requirements give them a call on 028 9581 0310 or 07763 751 58, or fill out the contact form to enquire by email.

Minor & Major Piano Repairs Service

As time goes on it is inevitable that your piano will be subject to some wear and tear, be it big or small, that will have an effect on different parts of the piano. As with all mechanical devices, these deteriorations will affect how the piano sounds or plays, or both.

By repairing or reconditioning old parts where possible, you can cut the cost of purchasing and fitting brand new parts. It is important to be mindful that the monetary value of your piano may dictate whether or not it is viable to engage in certain more major repairs. Anything can be repaired on your piano but for example, replacing the pin block of a 50 year old upright piano may, and in most cases probably would, cost more than the piano is actually worth.

Small common repairs can be carried out on your premises and some repairs can be conducted during the course of a tuning session – such as re-pinning a hammer, or replacing a bridle strap. However other more complicated piano repairs require parts of the piano to be taken away. This is usually either because the job is too time-consuming to be completed on site, or it is too messy to be carried out on site, or because some new parts need to be specially ordered for a particular job.

Common piano repairs include:

  • Restringing
  • Re-pinning a hammer
  • Replacing a bridle tape
  • Replacing springs
  • Replacing felts
  • Replacing cloths
  • Repairing broken or sticking keys
  • Damper repairs
  • Pedal repairs

If you are not quite sure what is wrong with your piano speak to an expert.  Contact The Piano Doctor Ltd in Northern Ireland today, and they will happily offer expert advice on diagnosis and rectification of the problem.

The Piano Doctor Ltd offers a comprehensive piano repairs service, from sticking keys to full restoration; they will have your piano playing perfectly in no time! For a first class piano repair service in Northern Ireland and counties Monaghan, Louth and Donegal, call Mark at The Piano Doctor Ltd on 028 9581 0310 or 07763 751 581

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